Things that make me unnaturally excited:

-Exact Change. Or what’s even better is when all the change you have in your wallet adds up to the exact amount that you need! Eighty-three cents?? I just so happen to have exactly eighty-three cents!

-Public transportation. But this may be because I hate driving. My night vision is bad, and I’ve been known to drive in the shoulder of the road. Turns out it isn’t a lane!

-The potato button on the microwave. How cool is it that you can put a yam on a plate, poke a few holes, pop it in the microwave and press POTATO?? It knows how long to cook for! Magic!

-Cross-canceling (reducing?) fractions. Only Sylvie might get this. There’s just something so satisfying about making that little slash.

-Solving things by process of elimination.