people love to blog about fennec foxes! in fact, they’ve even taken woot by storm! check out this shot from wednesday’s deal on a sony vaio:

“how much for the dog?” someone posted on a message board thread about the computer. ha! you WISH that wondrous little creature were so easily described by simple words like “dog” or “cat.” but it isn’t, and I know I’ve already posted my previous favorite fennec fox photo, but bear with me, because I’ve got an even better one.

first, though, a few words about fennec foxes. known for their floppy ears and sandy fur, fennec foxes are nocturnal omnivores indigenous to the sahara desert, as well as the only species of fox that can be kept as a pet! and the little fellows are so hardy that they can survive for YEARS without water if they have to!

of course, if you manage to secure one as a pet, and–even more difficult–to get yours housebroken, remember that he’s a quick little fox, and you’ll have to keep an eye on your active friend to make sure he doesn’t escape! I recommend building some sandy dunes in your apartment–good for climbing, AND for ambiance!

are you sold yet? no? why the hell not? check out the whiskers on this guy!

it’s only a matter of time, I know, before I have one of my own. I’ve already got a name picked out: Teff!  yeah, it’s perfect.