this saturday night marked the launch of fox party, an exciting new blog about, for, with help from, and entirely dependant on the cuteness of FOXES!  mostly of the fennec variety.  check it out here:

braving a rainstorm that would send even the hardiest of fennec foxes running for the safety of its beloved desert dunes,  our fox-guests assumed their favorite fennec poses…plucked, of course, from the Box o’ Fox.  we watched a fennec fox nature documentary; basked in the floppy-eared glow of fennec photos and even a rasterbated poster, and at ten seconds to midnight we counted to the launch of the first ever fennec fox blog! 

now, please enjoy these photos of our friends as foxes, and stay tuned for information about the next launch party, sure to come in the next few months…once we figure out how to enable commenting.

even osito was a fox!