Me and Dad.  I miss that dress.

Me and Dad. I miss that dress.

Today I called home and my dad answered.  Our conversation went like this:

Dad: Hello?
Me: Oh hey, what’s up?
Dad: I’m alone. Mom’s in the Bronx.
Me: Oh right, I forgot about that, but now I’m remembering…since you just told me!
Dad: I’m remembering that now too.
Me: Um, yeah.  I suppose that makes sense, cause you’re alone.
Dad: I know!
Me: Anyway…guess what I did last night?
Dad: Oh you want me to guess?
Me: Yea, that’s kind of what I said.
Dad: Hmm…you called the Parks and Rec hotline to see if the town ponds were open for skating?
Me: Actually I sang Carole King in a karaoke lounge.

So obviously my Dad and I both have an awkward phone manner, and together it’s just rough, but his guess was totally legit.  Back in my glory days I used to ice skate, of course this only occurred on the days I wasn’t walking 4 miles to school, in the snow, carrying heavy textbooks, uphill both ways…

There are several ponds in my town that, once frozen, are open for public skating.  Like most important things in life, the town ponds have a hotline.  And like any good citizen, I made excellent use out of this feature. I think I love hotlines because in my mind, they are all linked to the most important one, the school cancellation hotline.  There is nothing more exhilarating than jumping out of bed on a winter’s morning, seeing that everything outside is now white, dialing the number, and hearing “Due to a wintry mix (no. They don’t actually say that, but something along those lines) schools are not in session.”  Nothing.  Well, my Chanukah tree comes close.

My dad’s supposition that I spent the evening calling town ponds is not at all improbable. This is because back in the day, I used to start calling the town pond hotline in early September.  The weather was starting to get cool?  Oh, skating season must have arrived!  One could easily write off my premature dialing as ridiculous, illogical, or weird. But I’m going to go with positive adjectives like optimistic! And hopeful!  And really, in this day of recession, economic depression, and well, lots of other things ending in “ession,” I think we could all use a little hope.