The hand of creativity.

The hand of creativity.

I’d like someone to show me a computer program that is as creatively stimulating as Print Shop Deluxe.  For me, Print Shop Deluxe represents entrepreneurial success at an age when the activity I most looked forward to was the tug-o-war at the school’s annual Fun Fair.

It allowed me to fulfill my daughterly duties.  No store bought greeting card can compare to a Print Shop Deluxe card.  And it only took me about two years to figure out how to properly flip over the paper and feed it into the printer such that the inside text of the card would be right side up on the first try.

But most importantly, Print Shop Deluxe made possible my first, and possibly most successful, business venture.  It enabled my illegal, elementary school business card service.  I was somehow able to convince a shocking number of my fellow fifth graders that what they were missing from their lives were personalized business cards.

“Don’t you want to come across as professional?” I’d ask them.  Five dollars for a rubber band-bound stack of thirty cards, and a lifetime of respect, beats any deal I’ve ever heard.

Didn’t they know that no one would take them seriously unless they were holding a small rectangular piece of paper with a name, home address, and an image of a cartoon skateboard?  Or a clip art dolphin.  Those were the two graphic choices.  Later, when I upgraded to the newer edition of Print Shop, the options grew to include a small football and a grand piano.

After having supplied the majority of my fifth grade class with their own personalized cards, I used the money for research purposes.  I mail ordered my own set of business cards from a company based out of an actual office.  A legal company.  My cards arrived on glossy paper, with my name and address surrounded by an image border of friendly-looking dogs.  Nothing says successful entrepreneur like a troupe of snuggling dogs.

These company-bought cards were undeniably more polished than the ones with which I conned my classmates.  During a recent cleaning craze I came across a large stack of my canine decorated cards.  243 of them to be exact.  And considering the original order totaled 250, and I didn’t see any unused Print Shop cards lying around, I think you can deduce for yourself which found the most use.  Must have been the dolphin clip art.