this is our blog.

we live in new york, and we watch silly things and turn some of them into drinking games.

there’s a corner deli down the street from our apartment, and it’s open all day and all night, and though it’s small, it’s usually got everything we could ever want–AND MORE–and all the Indian music we could ever want to accompany our late-shopping!  thus we call it Favorite Store.  and we’re sure that if you knew it, you’d call it that too.  also, five-minute delivery, all night long.

there was another corner store that kind of sucked, and you could tell they just didn’t care if they got your business or not, and that was Least Favorite Store.  it went under, though, and now it’s shiny and new and sells falafel.  so, no hard feelings, Store Formerly Known As Least Favorite Store.

and of course, there will always be Pak Punjab.  they’ve got nothing you want, and everything you never knew was out there, but they’ve always got warm globjommies (samosas, as they’re really called, if you want to be boring about it) and bootleg Bollywood DVDS, so there’s that.

those are the stores.

peace out, guys.

also, we’re the kind of girls who stop for lemonade stands.