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This past Friday the good Dr. Uke and Mama Rose came in for a very special twelve minutes: Dr. Uke and Daughters’ very own teensy tiny set at Ukulele Cabaret! Jacq was feeling icky and I’m very sorry I dragged her 90% against her will…but I know she made some weird ukulele people very happy! And me, too. Just…wanted…to sing…BAY MIR BISTU SHEYN.

And then I went a little Cockney:

And we all went a little sixties!

My absence from Favorite Store has been inexcusable, but you guys, I’ve had a lot of stuff to do. I’ve learned this month that garbage day is the worst kind of day; that you can make anything cuter by bookending its name with “Mc”- and “-pants,” and that Thai rights to American erotica aren’t going to sell themselves!

Also, it’s super nice out these days so I’ve been taking lots of pictures.



What a way to start the new year! Check out, below, the long-awaited and edited video of me and Jacq singing Janis Ian and Phoebe Snow’s “Hymn” with fellow Glastonburian Mike Cabral at Uke Mansion. Next time with Dr. Uke!

There’s no excuse for our lack of pictures and posts these long, ever-cooler months, so instead of waxing apologetic any more than this, here’s a picture of a plastic dinosaur on a candystriped candle!

Great talk, see ya out there. In 2010, oh snap!!

Here is a tribute to our favorite e.e. esq. Put on your prettypants; it’s gonna be a long one!

It all started two and a half years ago, when I took forty pictures of e.e. for the good of mankind. This was one of them.

Then she came to New York, and other things happened.

Good luck at law school, come back soon, and remember: NO DISPOSABLE CAMERAS. You’re prettier than that.

Look everyone, it’s a real life fox party! Courtesy of our lovely friend Brittany’s world-famous artist pop Scott Zuckerman! Go on and check him out, and why not become a fan while you’re at it? He likes foxes. He paints foxes. And we know that if you’re reading this blog, you like foxes too!

You know the L.L. Bean catalogue your parents gets? You see the forest scene on the cover there? HE PROBABLY DREW THAT.

Woo! Fox party!

I’m going to move past the fact that it’s been forever, and just give you what you’re here for: PICTURES OF DR. UKE AND ME AND JACQ. At a dive bar. In our New York City debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Everyone looks silly singing. But everyone looks awesome in photo booth pictures with a zebra background!

So, to sum up, I like Otto’s, and Otto’s likes ukes. And Dr. Uke had such a great time that he’s promised to play more gigs in the city with us!


things have happened. which I have documented, but not mentioned here. so without further ado, I present a photo catch-up post the length and breadth of which will blow your mind all over your face!

jacq graduated.

some lady took a picture of it with her iphone.

some people wore silly hats.

jacq suddenly and quite without warning became desaturated.

sisters! …happened.

sisters, mama rose and dr. uke congregated under a portrait of the great avery fisher.

things of obviously great import were discussed.

pugs were very nice!

so was this pup.

and this one!

liz had big hair and looked bored.

a team was born and its photo taken!

and jacq and I brushed up on our corporate slang.

magicalgirls{wildcatters on moonshine hill}