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Look everyone, it’s a real life fox party! Courtesy of our lovely friend Brittany’s world-famous artist pop Scott Zuckerman! Go on and check him out, and why not become a fan while you’re at it? He likes foxes. He paints foxes. And we know that if you’re reading this blog, you like foxes too!

You know the L.L. Bean catalogue your parents gets? You see the forest scene on the cover there? HE PROBABLY DREW THAT.

Woo! Fox party!


E. A. Hanks has a pretty great article in The Huffington Post: Addicted to (Pretty)Porn: One Woman’s Story. Hers is not a Porn Porn problem (this weekend’s viewings of the Robin Byrd Show probably merit another post altogether), but one of the girly-dreamy-artsy-fartsy-blogging variety. If I might excerpt:

Here are some of the things that figure largely in PrettyPorn: scanned Polaroids of cozy-looking disheveled beds; charmingly messy dinner tables post-dinner;high quality jpegs of romantic braided hair; skinny women’s pale backs; cats; cups of tea/wine; fields of wildflowers. Lot’s of French things.

PrettyPorn consists of the seemingly endless chain of blogs where dreamy young things post photos and notes (and poems!) about the things they think are beautiful. It’s an ongoing love affair with an aesthetic based on fragility, beauty, and romance. Everything is lovely, everyone is consumptive, and I am fucking eating it up.


That’s the danger of PrettyPorn — it could be anything. It could be about baking, or interior decorating, textile design, fashion or photography. As long as there are dreamy white people floating through, alighting their fairy fingers here and there, bringing puppies curled up on couches, fetchingly clunky gold dangly necklaces, pretending every day is a hazy Sunday afternoon, it shall be known as PrettyPorn.

I admit to fucking eating it up too. Doesn’t it sound nice, after all, to sleep till noon every day and then prance around, Creating Art with pretty friends with a perpetual pie baking, your floured apron’s somehow figuring into the Art, and so on, and so forth, and blogging about it all with photos that are always perfectly lit because you’re home to take them while it’s light out, and I’m not bitter about it, I swear I’m not, it’s enough to read about it and daydream.

And maybe get some baking done later this week…

{The Huffington Post}

We had the pleasure of waiting, in rain and wind, to see Banksy’s installation Village Pet Shop and Charcoal Grill on Saturday.

And bill got a cat: SHOE!

And tonight: Japanese whisky and mini cupcakes!

{photos mine! yay!}

do you have a paypal account?

do you like really cool art?

how about Obama?  think he’s pretty neat too?

I donated $5 to the Obama campaign, and got this great art–and they even messed up and sent me two!  so if you like art, Obama, AND getting great deals, check out

also, paypal is so easy, and everything on etsy is so cute, that I’m thinking of starting a little letterpress collection…because yes, I do love lists!  and letterpress!  and curly brackets.  {don’t you?}  these letterpress sheets from simplesongdesigns WILL be mine!

{ via the lovely }

now back to work, work, work!  the Frankfurt Book Fair waits for no man, woman, foreign rights agent, or assistant!  I found my dream restaurant, made my boss a reservation, and will dine on vegetarische Küche vicariously.  Stellvertretend. ach, I miss Germany.  homemade pasta at basil berlin, and veggie burgers at “sunshine happy place”, and of course the most perfekt of perfekten Mahlzeiten, soup and cocktails at intersoup.  I miss these places!  please check them out if you have the great, great pleasure of visiting Berlin, and also if you find yourself at Oranienplatz (where the punks riot, without fail, each May 1st) tell the little green building on the northwest corner that I miss it, and its king-sized bed, bench press, electric guitar, and five-foot-tall amp.

no doubt a Berlin retrospective is coming soon, as I awoke as if from a trance at lunch time yesterday and found myself searching New York – Berlin flights…next time I have a cool nine hundred smackers…I’m there!  I leave you, for now, with this: