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This past Friday the good Dr. Uke and Mama Rose came in for a very special twelve minutes: Dr. Uke and Daughters’ very own teensy tiny set at Ukulele Cabaret! Jacq was feeling icky and I’m very sorry I dragged her 90% against her will…but I know she made some weird ukulele people very happy! And me, too. Just…wanted…to sing…BAY MIR BISTU SHEYN.

And then I went a little Cockney:

And we all went a little sixties!


What a way to start the new year! Check out, below, the long-awaited and edited video of me and Jacq singing Janis Ian and Phoebe Snow’s “Hymn” with fellow Glastonburian Mike Cabral at Uke Mansion. Next time with Dr. Uke!

I’m going to move past the fact that it’s been forever, and just give you what you’re here for: PICTURES OF DR. UKE AND ME AND JACQ. At a dive bar. In our New York City debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Everyone looks silly singing. But everyone looks awesome in photo booth pictures with a zebra background!

So, to sum up, I like Otto’s, and Otto’s likes ukes. And Dr. Uke had such a great time that he’s promised to play more gigs in the city with us!


This is a big day for my dad, for my family, and for ukuleles everywhere. You may remember my dad, the infamous Dr. Uke:

He’s a great dad, a stellar tandem biker, and the best uke teacher this side of the ‘ssippi! Now he’s also a Facebook superstar!


Click the image above, or click here, to become a fan of Dr. Uke!


Sure, I guess it’s exciting that Segway just unveiled their new two-wheeled P.U.M.A. (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) vehicle this morning. But what did it mean for my family? Oh, not much, just that MY SISTER MADE HER ENGADGET DEBUT. This is a big day. Dr. Uke might even write a song about it!