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I went to Hawaii and imagined dolphinz™, went to the supermarket, brewed 100% kona coffee, found and avoided poop in the ocean while kayaking, tried and failed to tune a novelty uke, trained in the art of lei making, left a lei at hapuna state beach, tanned, burned, ate macadamia-crusted everything, watched a lot of Cash Cab, ended up with 13 pillows in our room, and more!


Then I came back and we had a 10-hour Tea & Tequila party with tea, brandy, scones, limes, coffeecupcakes, macaroons, tequila, tonic, prosecco, lemongrass cello, litchi juice, apple cider, gin, vodka, grenadine, Indian food, Super Smash Bros., secret handshakes (courtesy of A Walk to Remember), piggybacks, squats, first paragraphs of fantasy novels, rings, hair elastics and other things.











Okay, okay, so you know I want to put up all sorts of things with clothespins to decorate the imaginary house I don’t have.  And you know I want to string up paper cranes on my make-believe patio.  What, you may ask, am I planning for the kitchen?  Behold!

{via lilacmoon studio}

First off: the debate.  We ate sweet potato latkes and sesame broccoli, and challah—oh, the challah.  We scored a still-warm loaf from Moishe’s, where Moishe himself flirted with us and said, “One loaf for three girls?  You will get in a fistfight!”  We respectfully declined his offer of another, and it turned out to be quite a civil affair.  And then the debate itself!  We played Palin bingo and couldn’t believe she never said “small town,” “good ol’ boys” or “Osama Bin Laden.”  Not even “gosh!”  Needless to say, I didn’t get bingo.

Now then.  It’s a new day, and everybody seems to agree that Biden won—what a smile he has!  Too bad he only flashed it at the pitbull.  BUT.  On to pretty things.

These portraits by Polly Wreford are stunning; I’m blown away by her use of color, atmosphere, accessories, and cropping her subjects.

{photos by Polly Wreford}