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There’s no excuse for our lack of pictures and posts these long, ever-cooler months, so instead of waxing apologetic any more than this, here’s a picture of a plastic dinosaur on a candystriped candle!

Great talk, see ya out there. In 2010, oh snap!!


Well, T Day has come and gone, but Favorite Store is here for all your holiday weekend photographic needs! That is, as long as they align with the photos I already took.


{ornaments from anthropologie}

Just a note, as T Day draws nearer and nearer, and thoughts of Tofurky and the Macy’s Parade and cornbread stuffing and day-after-Thanksgiving omelettes with cornbread stuffing and salsa dance through my head…that after this Thursday, THE HOLIDAYS ARE NOT OVER. Thank you, Lisa Toff, for this illustrated reminder that the wonder that is Chanukah is ONLY A MONTH AWAY! So get ready, everyone, to spin it. Because if you don’t spin it, how can you POSSIBLY hope to win it?!

{prismPOP, via Somewhere in Middle America}