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Yesterday’s being the first beautiful day of March, I celebrated in three ways:

  1. Sean and I went jogging (I think it’s pronounced “yogging”) in Central Park.
  2. I walked further than necessary from the subway.
  3. Frolicking, jumping, posing, and badass-being on the roof, captured in photographic form!

Mishy was cute; I won Brongo in a water gun contest; we almost sat in a giant chair; we were faced with the option to ENERGIZE ANYTHING for $1.00; we danced to sweet sweet ukulele music; and we jumped.  Oh, how we jumped.  Thanks, Apple Fest!  We miss you already.

Here’s a tip for starting your day right: clone yourself, buy her an outfit that matches your own, and then have a JUMPING CONTEST!

{via vaneska~tHOmz’s photostream}