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My absence from Favorite Store has been inexcusable, but you guys, I’ve had a lot of stuff to do. I’ve learned this month that garbage day is the worst kind of day; that you can make anything cuter by bookending its name with “Mc”- and “-pants,” and that Thai rights to American erotica aren’t going to sell themselves!

Also, it’s super nice out these days so I’ve been taking lots of pictures.




Goodbye, Mishy.

I went to Hawaii and imagined dolphinz™, went to the supermarket, brewed 100% kona coffee, found and avoided poop in the ocean while kayaking, tried and failed to tune a novelty uke, trained in the art of lei making, left a lei at hapuna state beach, tanned, burned, ate macadamia-crusted everything, watched a lot of Cash Cab, ended up with 13 pillows in our room, and more!


Then I came back and we had a 10-hour Tea & Tequila party with tea, brandy, scones, limes, coffeecupcakes, macaroons, tequila, tonic, prosecco, lemongrass cello, litchi juice, apple cider, gin, vodka, grenadine, Indian food, Super Smash Bros., secret handshakes (courtesy of A Walk to Remember), piggybacks, squats, first paragraphs of fantasy novels, rings, hair elastics and other things.











The holidays have come and gone and what have I got to show for it, you ask? Pictures, pictures pictures! Going backwards, you’ll find below the photographic evidence of a weekend at home, a New Year’s with friends, and a Christmas with sweaters.

Missed this for Halloween, but now I’ve got a chance to be a superhero at any time, for no reason! Also on my imaginary wish list. It would look so good with the Kate Spade ski hat I’m coveting

{Restoration Hardware, via swissmiss}

This is big on my imaginary wish list right now. Hawaii or bust? More like Hawaii or BEST SKI HAT EVER.

{kate spade}