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Here is a tribute to our favorite e.e. esq. Put on your prettypants; it’s gonna be a long one!

It all started two and a half years ago, when I took forty pictures of e.e. for the good of mankind. This was one of them.

Then she came to New York, and other things happened.

Good luck at law school, come back soon, and remember: NO DISPOSABLE CAMERAS. You’re prettier than that.


I’m going to move past the fact that it’s been forever, and just give you what you’re here for: PICTURES OF DR. UKE AND ME AND JACQ. At a dive bar. In our New York City debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Everyone looks silly singing. But everyone looks awesome in photo booth pictures with a zebra background!

So, to sum up, I like Otto’s, and Otto’s likes ukes. And Dr. Uke had such a great time that he’s promised to play more gigs in the city with us!


These days, with the sun setting minutes, not hours, before I leave work in the evenings, my day winds down looking something like this:


Which is a pretty pleasant way to go.

And sometimes it looks like this when I walk home:

And then there’s something good on TV:

And a movie I know I could see, but definitely won’t.

Hannah Morrow’s New York City sticker collection, were it perhaps a third its price, would definitely grace many a kitchen cabinet in my little apartment. As it stands, though, I’ll content myself with this photo of a plate. And I’ll pretend it’s a picture I took, of my plate, which I own.

{H is for Hannah, via Design Work Life}