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What a way to start the new year! Check out, below, the long-awaited and edited video of me and Jacq singing Janis Ian and Phoebe Snow’s “Hymn” with fellow Glastonburian Mike Cabral at Uke Mansion. Next time with Dr. Uke!

Friday night marked Jacq’s and my induction into the wide and wonderful world of the New York Ukulele Salon…thing. Organized by the lovely and accommodating Rick, these near-monthly events comprise the closest thing to a secret society my sister and I have seen. Unless there’s something Jacq’s not telling me…

We brought fellow Glastonburian Mike and together we performed as Apples to Apple. From Glastonbury, home of the great, the glorious Apple Fest, to New York…the big one. We sang “Hymn” by Janis Ian and Phoebe Snow, and while it’s not up yet, we’ll be on YouTube soon enough! Which is good, because nobody seems to know that song.

Anyway, check out the band photo below from Rick’s photostream, and the ones that follow it from mine!