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Let's pretend I'm pointing at "Favorite" instead of "Google"

July 26th was a Sunday.  It was also really important day, because it was the one-year anniversary of Hello Favorite Store!  It’s less than common to undergo a name change before reaching the one year mark, but Hello Favorite Store, formally Favorite Store, is not like most blogs.

There is only one appropriate way to celebrate this anniversary, and that is with a cookie cake.  My childhood was filled with cookie cakes.  They marked birthdays, end-of-school celebrations, and the one dinner party my house has seen since its construction in the late eighties.

Cookie cakes are easily accessible and the most inclusive of all celebratory desserts, because most often they come from a mall.  Or at least they used to.  Now they come from Penn Station.  And because I try to avoid this portal that allows me safe access to New Jersey, I’ve decided to honor Hello Favorite Store in a different way:  I would like to take a look back at this day in history, the day Favorite Store took its first exclamation point:

On July 26th, 2008, I was in an apple orchard.  Or rather, the clubhouse of a community club within an apple orchard.  I was there to celebrate a friend’s graduation.  At the party I was asked to convince a hesitant mother that a nose piercing does not automatically send one down a path of rebellion, illegitimate children, and unemployment.  I can only vouch for the first two.

This time last year I was in the market for a hostess position.  Unfortunately this career objective never materialized because I lacked two things: restaurant experience and headshots.  Apparently, one is unable to be a successful host if he or she is not in possession of headshots. This seems to suggest that taking reservations and seating parties require a fair amount of posing.  “Your waitress will be right with you!” (sultry pout).  “The wait is around thirty minutes” (piercing stare with intensified jawbones).

Needless to say I quickly gave up the hunt for a hostess gig, and instead spent my time last summer in the Whole Foods Market café, writing essays about the anonymity of the urban environment.  Of course I did have an ulterior motive.  I was determined to end up on Craigslist’s infamous Missed Connections.

“Petite girl with temporary tattoo and messy brown ponytail.  You seemed in the midst of an intellectual quandary.  Or maybe you were just hungry.  I was by the window, dressed in a plaid button down and moderately skinny (but incredibly masculine) jeans.  Are you out there?”

No.  I never made it on the site.

But back to happier things! Like blogs!  Because this is the anniversary of my blog, and not a Manhattan eatery, I can host my cookie cake and eat it too.

Happy one year Favorite Store.  Let’s say hello to a few more years.

I went to Hawaii and imagined dolphinz™, went to the supermarket, brewed 100% kona coffee, found and avoided poop in the ocean while kayaking, tried and failed to tune a novelty uke, trained in the art of lei making, left a lei at hapuna state beach, tanned, burned, ate macadamia-crusted everything, watched a lot of Cash Cab, ended up with 13 pillows in our room, and more!


Then I came back and we had a 10-hour Tea & Tequila party with tea, brandy, scones, limes, coffeecupcakes, macaroons, tequila, tonic, prosecco, lemongrass cello, litchi juice, apple cider, gin, vodka, grenadine, Indian food, Super Smash Bros., secret handshakes (courtesy of A Walk to Remember), piggybacks, squats, first paragraphs of fantasy novels, rings, hair elastics and other things.