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Okay, so I’m almost a week late to the party. Granted, it was my party, and I’m just late in posting photos, but come on, they’ve been up on my Flickr this whole time!

The party theme was, officially, Real Housewives & Trailer Park Boys, but we had some stragglers. There was a Helvetica supporter, and a Superman in a blond wig. MY wig. Plenty of housewives and trailer park boyz, though, with catchphrases such as the following:

  • Taste everything, eat nothing.
  • Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Smokes, let’s go.
  • Big Papa gave me this ring, and the black Escalade in the driveway, and lots of other stuff.
  • Welcome to Scrilla Villa.
  • I’m the hottest housewife.

We had cheese and jam, skinnygirl margaritas, and a ukulele performance. Plus a bunch of other performances, Will Smith and Panic! at the Disco among them. Some of us might have failed to check ourselves before we wrecked ourselves, but it was all in good fun. REMEMBER: A party is still a party even if it starts at 3 PM. Now…pictures!