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I’m going to move past the fact that it’s been forever, and just give you what you’re here for: PICTURES OF DR. UKE AND ME AND JACQ. At a dive bar. In our New York City debut at Otto’s Shrunken Head.

Everyone looks silly singing. But everyone looks awesome in photo booth pictures with a zebra background!

So, to sum up, I like Otto’s, and Otto’s likes ukes. And Dr. Uke had such a great time that he’s promised to play more gigs in the city with us!


This is a big day for my dad, for my family, and for ukuleles everywhere. You may remember my dad, the infamous Dr. Uke:

He’s a great dad, a stellar tandem biker, and the best uke teacher this side of the ‘ssippi! Now he’s also a Facebook superstar!


Click the image above, or click here, to become a fan of Dr. Uke!


I went to Hawaii and imagined dolphinz™, went to the supermarket, brewed 100% kona coffee, found and avoided poop in the ocean while kayaking, tried and failed to tune a novelty uke, trained in the art of lei making, left a lei at hapuna state beach, tanned, burned, ate macadamia-crusted everything, watched a lot of Cash Cab, ended up with 13 pillows in our room, and more!


Then I came back and we had a 10-hour Tea & Tequila party with tea, brandy, scones, limes, coffeecupcakes, macaroons, tequila, tonic, prosecco, lemongrass cello, litchi juice, apple cider, gin, vodka, grenadine, Indian food, Super Smash Bros., secret handshakes (courtesy of A Walk to Remember), piggybacks, squats, first paragraphs of fantasy novels, rings, hair elastics and other things.











Mishy was cute; I won Brongo in a water gun contest; we almost sat in a giant chair; we were faced with the option to ENERGIZE ANYTHING for $1.00; we danced to sweet sweet ukulele music; and we jumped.  Oh, how we jumped.  Thanks, Apple Fest!  We miss you already.

Come one, come all, to my brand new Flickr photostream!  710 photos up already; I spent four hours last night poring over three years’ worth of photographic documentation on my computer and my external hard drive, and the end result is…a lot of color, and a lot of silly pictures from the sound stage at Vassar, and a lot of my really ridiculously good-looking friends, and ukuleles and cowboy hats and TV on the Radio concerts and chocolate fondue on fire…and there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident!

Anyway, go and look at my photos!  I’ll be posting more and more as I find them; tell me what you like!  Here are some to get you started:

Halloween is less than a month away, and I’ve got a few things brewing, but nothing for certain.  UNTIL NOW.  Well, Jacq?  Whaddaya think?  We wouldn’t even need to make our own ukuleles!

{via Martha Stewart}